Jellies are by far the biggest category within sugar confectionery with a market share of approx. 48% in European main markets.

Continental Confectionery  Confectionery Company supplies a wide range of different soft candy products in various shapes, sizes, flavours, colours and jelly/foam combinations. We have great experience in adjusting texture, taste, surface, etc. according to customer needs and requests.

We offer:

  • Jellies based on beef gelatine, starch and/or pectin
  • Sugarsweetened, sugar-reduced and sugarfree products
  • Natural flavours and natural colours
  • More colours and flavours in one piece
  • Sugar or sugar/acid dusting
  • Active ingredients such as vitamins and plant extracts
  • Fruit juices for high fruit content
  • Jellies with liquid filling 
  • The available packaging options count bags, minibags and tubs. The products are sold in shipping cartons, ready-to-shelf displays or as bulk pack.