Oneo Slims

The most famous packing of gum has now new name Oneo Slims. Oneo Freshness is now in Slims format without any dropping risk you can carry Oneo freshness in your pocket or bag anytime. Famous format is now slimmer.

New Slimmer packs of Oneo Slims are 7 pieces and with most desired flavours.

Oneo Dragee

Classic Dragee format is  with OneoDragee Gum. Crunch coated, longer lasting flavours and Oneo freshness are permanent chewing pleasure

Oneo Fişek

Carrying dragee gum has not been easy before. 4 different flavoured new Oneo dragee gum is with you!

Oneo 60

The only gum gives 60 Minutes Freshness in Turkey, Oneo 60! Oneo 60 which gives at least 60 minutes freshness is with you with bottle dragee and stick format.

Oneo Bottled Dragee Gum

Oneo dragee gum is bottled now! Appearing with 2 different flavours, Oneo Bottle Dragee Gums can be used easily in office and cars thanks to its bottle packaging.



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